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Political Engagement & Education

AAPI-NCDP continues to work to promote political engagement and education among AAPI communities across North Carolina. We do this through the following methods:



Canvassing is an important aspect of successful campaigns and electoral efforts. This can serve to get-out-the-vote among active voters, as well as persuade potential voters.


Hosting Events

From annual galas to competitions, AAPI NCDP hosts events that aim to promote and highlight the importance of political engagement.

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Phone Banking

Similar to canvassing, phone banking is widely utilized to get-out-the-vote among active voters. Phone banking is often a more cost-effective and time efficient method to reach potential voters. 

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AAPI-NCDP values partnerships with other party affiliates and organizations to promote engagement and education in the political process.



AAPI-NCDP's tabling activities aim to promote membership and voter registration. Such activities provide attendees with voter registration resources and an outlet for AAPI Democrats in NC to register as members.



Advocacy is a key component that can inspire others to become active in the political process and work to educate others.

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